Best Commercial Oven For Baking Bread In 2023

Are you looking for the best commercial oven for baking bread? Bread is the most common bakery item in the world. Almost everyone eats bread and you can earn handsome money by starting your own bread or baking business. However, you cannot accomplish the task without a good commercial or bakery oven. It will always come in handy no matter what bakery items you make or sell.

A dedicated bakery oven helps you perfectly cook your bread, cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, and desserts. However, commercial ovens come in many types and sizes. Therefore, you must know which of these types is best for your business. It can also become quite confusing to choose the right oven for your bakery considering a plethora of options to choose from. The purpose of this guide is to remove this confusion and help you buy the oven that fulfills your requirement without costing you a fortune.

Types of Commercial Ovens

Before we review individual models, it is better to discuss the types of commercial ovens. It will give us a better idea of what we are dealing with.

Standard Ovens

Standard ovens, also known as the most basic type of oven, have a heating source at the bottom of the oven cavity. They are typically affordable and easy to find. However, because the heat source is located at the bottom, these ovens may have cold spots inside, which may require bakers to rotate trays or open the oven to ensure even baking. If you plan to use a standard oven for commercial baking purposes, it is important to invest in a high-quality one to ensure optimal results.

Convection Ovens

The best commercial oven for baking bread is usually a convection oven. Conventional ovens are a popular choice among bakeries and restaurants due to their affordability and cooking capabilities that are similar, if not better, than standard ovens.

These ovens are considered superior to standard ovens as they have a fan that, when turned on, circulates hot air throughout the oven for even heating. This feature transforms the conventional oven into a convection oven, making it ideal for baking pastries that require consistent temperatures for faster cooking times.

However, the air circulation inside the oven may result in uneven browning or flakiness on certain goods, but this can be easily resolved by turning off the fan, making it perfect for delicate pastries such as custards and soufflés.

Deck Ovens

Deck ovens are a valuable investment for bakers who produce a high volume of baked goods daily. These ovens allow for control over upper and lower oven temperatures and also have the option to use steam to create perfect crusts. This makes them ideal for baking items like quiches and pies.

Deck ovens are a common choice among commercial bakers and come with various temperature controls to accommodate different baking needs. They can have one, two, or multiple decks, allowing for the simultaneous baking of various types of goods. They are also suitable for delicate and heavy-duty baking.

Rack Ovens

Rack ovens are large, commercial ovens that are stationary. They have a larger capacity than deck ovens, making them ideal for high-volume production of baked goods in a single day. They offer the performance of a deck oven but allow for the use of oven racks, which can hold one or two at a time, increasing productivity. There are two types of rack ovens: one in which the oven rack stays in place, and the other in which the oven rack is attached to a lift and rotates.

Electrical Ovens

Electric ovens are a popular choice among bakers for their speed, ability to create crispy and crunchy baked goods, and advanced features. These ovens work on electricity and are ideal for fast-paced environments such as fast-food restaurants and cafes with high customer traffic due to their ability to quickly cook food at high temperatures.

Gas Ovens

Gas ovens are commonly used for baking spongy and juicy items such as bread, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, etc. They are well-suited for creating fluffy and moist baked goods. These commercial ovens operate at low heat emission levels, resulting in a higher level of moisture in the final products.

Conveyer Ovens

A Conveyor oven is a highly popular type of oven among bakers, known for its ability to quickly bake items such as pizza. Due to its fast nature, many bakers prefer to use commercial conveyor ovens in their bakeries. The oven works by passing items through a heated chamber where a conveyor belt is installed, allowing for even heat to cook the item within a few minutes. This speed is achieved through the use of forced air impingement, radiant heat, or infrared heat.

Best Commercial Ovens for Bakery

The following are the top commercial ovens you can buy for your bakery according to our experts. We have chosen these models after testing them against parameters like type of oven, capacity, cost, cooking modes, overall quality, etc.

So, let us start with the first oven on our list.

1.    VEVOR Commercial Convection Oven: Best Commercial Oven for Baking Bread

best commercial oven for baking bread

VEVOR Commercial Convection Oven occupies the top position in our guide because of its many great features, and functions. It is an ideal baking or commercial oven for your bakery and the following lines explain why.


The 1.66 cubic feet oven has a spacious interior. You can easily prepare medium batches of your favorite foods in this oven. Similarly, you can also cook 4 different dishes simultaneously thanks to the 4-tier interior.

1600 watts of power is less than both Ninja DT251 and Cuisineart TOB-40N (see below). However, the oven warms up quite quickly and delivers reliable heating. The 360° heat circulation heats the entire chamber without producing any noise. Therefore, it cooks food uniformly resulting in a delicious dish through and through.

Adjustable temperature control and timer of up to 500°F and 120 minutes respectively help you precisely control the oven and maintain the perfect temperature for your dish. Similarly, it eliminates overheating and burns using its over-temperature protection system.

The oven is ideal for crumbly and delicate foods including French fries, pizza, crisps, bread, cookies, chicken, etc. Similarly, it is primarily used for commercial activities such as in restaurants, catering, bakeries, concession stands, etc.

The stainless steel construction also makes it quite durable and resistant to corrosion. It is easy to clean and use as well.


It is cheaper than Waring Commercial WCO50X but still quite expensive at $578.

Our Verdict

VEVOR Commercial Convection Oven is the way to go if you want to cook delicious food for your customers in a relatively quick time. It is an excellent oven and can help you meet the requirements of your customers in the best possible manner.

User Reviews

We are using this for catering. It is big to lug around but fast and fits 5 -1/2 sheets if you put one on the bottom.
Super quiet


  • Spacious interior
  • Warms up quickly
  • 360° heat circulation
  • No cold or hot spots
  • Adjustable temperature and timer
  • Super quiet
  • Best for commercial use


  • Quite expensive

2.    Ninja DT251 Foodi: One of the Best Bread Baking Ovens

You can use Ninja DT251 Foodi both for your home or bakery. It is quite a large oven with special features to make cooking and baking easier for you.

best commercial oven for baking bread


It is quite a larger oven with 12 liters of capacity. It is also 10 times more powerful than traditional convection ovens. You can cook on two racks simultaneously. Therefore, it can easily handle bulk cooking, something you have to do in bakeries and restaurants.

Ninja DT251 Foodi has 10 different cooking functions. They include bake, roast, air roast, whole roast, air fryer, toast, bagel, broil, pizza, reheat, and dehydrate. Even the more expensive Waring Commercial WCO500X (see below) has only four cooking modes. Therefore, you can make anything you want with this oven.

The oven also removes the guesswork thanks to its smart cook system. It provides you with a perfectly cooked meal every time. Deep-fried foods also have 75% fewer fats because of the 2-levels of air frying.

The powerful 1800 watts oven preheats only in 90 seconds. It also helps you cook 30% faster than traditional convection ovens.

Some other features of the oven include 360° roasting, a 15-recipe guide, Foodi smart thermometer, 2 sheet pans, 2 wire racks, an air fry basket, a roast tray, and a crumb tray.


The buttons start to wear off over time according to some customers. Some users also complain that the exterior gets too hot.

Our Verdict

Ninja DT251 Foodi is an affordable choice for bakeries or bigger families. It is a large oven with all the functions and features to make delicious dishes.

User Reviews

Easy to clean. I can use a regular cake pan, actually two in separate racks. I use it more than my regular oven.


  • Large capacity
  • 1800 watts power
  • 10 cooking functions
  • Affordable commercial oven
  • Smart cooking function
  • It preheats in 90 seconds
  • 30% faster cooking


  • Buttons wear over time

3.    Cuisineart TOB-40N Custom Classic: Most Affordable Commercial Bread Oven

best commercial oven for baking bread

You must consider Cuisineart TOB-40N if you are looking for an affordable oven for your bakery. Available for only $99, it enables you to make larger and more delicious bread without spending a lot of money.


Despite its small size, the oven has 1800 watts of power. It has versatile cooking functions such as keep warm, broil, pizza, bake, bagel, toast, etc.

What separates the oven from the rest is its stainless construction. The dials are easy to grip and the front door is touch sensitive. You can easily clean the nonstick interior as well. Even some of the more expensive ovens don’t offer these features.

It is a compact oven with a capacity of 0.5 cubic feet. The interior is quite capacious and can cook an 11” pizza, 4 bagel halves, or 6 bread slices at a time. The adjustable temperature range (200° to 450°F) ensures your foods are cooked to perfection.

The oven comes with accessories like an oven rack, drip tray/ baking pan, broiling rack, and crumb tray as well.


It does not have any timer which is a drawback for some users. Similarly, you have to continuously monitor your bread because a slight increase in temperature will burn it.

Our Verdict

Cuisineart TOB-40N is the best commercial oven for baking bread if you are on a tight budget. It is cheap but enables you to make bread and other items relatively quickly.

User Reviews

I got this to replace my old Cuisinart toaster oven (that lasted almost 15 years) and I love it! Several cooking options and easy to use. The removable crumb tray is great!
It’s a reasonable price for a great product!
I recommend.


  • Very cheap oven
  • Very stylish
  • Crumb tray
  • 1800 watts of power
  • Multiple cooking modes
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • No timer

4.    Waring Commercial WCO500X: Bread Oven Commercial

best commercial oven for baking bread

With a capacity of 7 cubic feet, Waring Commercial WCO500X is relatively a big oven. However, it offers a host of excellent features and functions for your bakery.


First of all, it is a versatile oven with four cooking functions including traditional baking, convection baking, roasting, and broiling. Therefore, you can use it to make different kinds of foods and dishes such as pizzas, pies, roasts, and of course, bread.

Another nice feature is the heavy-duty brushed stainless steel construction. It is a well-built and beautiful oven that can serve you for years. Individual dials for cooking functions, temperature, and timer make it a breeze to use as well.

The NSF-approved oven complies with all health and environmental regulations.

The double-pane tempered glass door is not only durable but enables you to see what is going on inside the oven. The 1700 watts oven can easily take the toughest of cooking tasks.

The oven comes with a 1 quarter-sized sheet pan but it can accommodate three pans of the same size simultaneously. It also features 2 baking racks for you to easily back anything you want.


It takes a long time to heat up considerably increasing your cooking time. The price tag above $800 is also too high.

Our Verdict

WCO500X is easy to clean and can take any cooking job with the utmost ease.

User Reviews

I searched high and low for months and months to find a good Toaster oven that is small enough to
fit on the countertop and has a stainless interior.

Apparently, this is the smaller size out there. It is NOT small by no means. It is big but if this is
the price for having a stainless interior so be it.


  • 1700 watts of power
  • Lightweight and small
  • Four cooking functions
  • Individual control dials
  • Heavy-duty stainless construction


  • Takes a long time to heat up
  • Very expensive

5.    Breville Smart Oven BOV900BSS: Best Industrial Oven for Baking Bread

Breville makes some of the best commercial ovens in the world and Breville Smart Oven BOV900BS is no exception.


With 1 cubic foot of capacity, it is not a very large oven. However, it is good enough for small bakeries, restaurants, and catering and cooking jobs. It is a compact oven and does not cover much space as well.

The best thing about the oven is its thirteen cooking modes, the most on our list. These modes include warm, bake, roast, broil, bagel, toast, proof, pizza, dehydrate, slow cook, cookies, reheat, and air fry.

Another nice feature is Rotate to Remind. It reminds you that the food is halfway cooked and now you need to rotate it. In general, it enables you to cook a wide variety of dishes quite capably despite its small size.

The oven decreases cooking time by 30%. Similarly, it applies the heat where it is most needed automatically. It also offers greater control over cooking using two convection fans.

It is a small oven but can still cook a 14-pound turkey and 9 slices of bread. Similarly, you can place 12 cup muffin trays or 9” x 13” pans in the oven as well.


You cannot use the oven for heavy-duty commercial cooking. It is ideal for smaller bakeries and restaurants. It also takes a bit longer to toast.

Our Verdict

Breville Smart Oven BOV900BS is the best commercial oven for baking cake in its price range. It is a bit smaller but is quite capable to cook everything you want perfectly and in a quick time.

User Reviews

Cooks great and has almost every imaginable setting! Amazing. It is a little loud, not as loud as my stove fan. Way better than those little crappy air fryers that hold nothing and only do one thing.


  • 1800 watts of power
  • 30% faster cooking
  • 13 cooking modes
  • Remind to Rotate the function
  • 2 convection fans
  • LCD
  • Even cooking


  • Takes a bit longer to toast
  • Not for heavy-duty commercial use

6.    Avantco CO-28 Half Size Oven: Best Commercial Oven for Bakery

Avantco CO-28 delivers exceptional power while reducing your carbon footprint. Its smaller size makes it a perfect option for kiosks, coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, and snack bars.


The oven has a 2.3 cubic feet capacity which is significantly lower than Waring Commercial WCO500X. However, it is still large enough to cook all types of meals without any difficulty. It is ideal for making smaller batches of warm sandwiches, pizzas, snacks, and baked goods including bread.

The main highlight is the 2800 watts of power, making it a true workhorse for your business. It is quite a fast oven that preheats in no time and cooks your food in a jiffy. The maximum temperature of 550° allows you to make a wide variety of foods as well.

The four chrome wire shelves expedite the cooking. You can also remove the shelves to accommodate a ½ size sheet pan. The adjustable timer (120 minutes maximum) minimizes monitoring and ensures your food never burns.

Made of stainless steel, it is quite a durable oven. Needless to say, it is quite easy to operate and clean as well.


The heating element tends to burn out quite quickly. Some users also complain that it heats faster at the back end than at the front end.

Our Verdict

You must go for Avantco CO-28 if you have limited space in your bakery or restaurant. It is small but extremely powerful with ample space and functions to cook anything you want in a hurry.

User Reviews

Love my portable convection oven. The back end of the oven cooks faster than the front. Rotate baked goods is recommended


  • Small and lightweight
  • 2800 watts of power
  • Multiple cooking modes
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable timer
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Spacious interior


  • The heating element tends to burn frequently

How to Choose the Best Commercial Oven for Baking Bread?

You need to keep a few things in mind while choosing a commercial oven for your bakery.

Size and Weight

When planning a commercial kitchen, it is important to carefully consider the size of the oven. Limited floor space and a variety of other units can make it tempting to choose a smaller oven, but this can be a mistake. A smaller oven may not have enough capacity for your needs, while a larger oven may not fit in the kitchen. It is essential to take accurate measurements before purchasing to ensure the chosen oven will meet your kitchen’s requirements.

When operating a mobile kitchen or catering business, the weight of equipment is also an important factor to consider. Heavy equipment can be difficult to transport and set up at different locations. Be sure to check the weight of an oven before purchasing it, and keep in mind that lighter equipment may be more convenient for your needs.

Time and Temperature Control

When choosing a commercial convection oven, there are two types of control options: manual and programmable. Programmable controls offer the convenience of pre-set settings that can be selected with the push of a button. Manual controls, however, offer more flexibility and are often preferred by professional chefs as they can make adjustments to cooking settings as needed.

You must choose an oven with an adjustable temperature and timer. It helps you adjust the temperature and timer according to the food being cooked. It eliminates the chances of overcooking or undercooking your dish.

Ease of Use

The best commercial oven for baking bread is often very easy to use. In a busy kitchen, it is also essential to have equipment that won’t slow down your team. When choosing a convection oven, ease of use, intuitive operation, and simple maintenance should be top priorities. Commercial electric convection ovens are a popular choice as they are easy to install and use, making them a great option for keeping up with the fast pace of a busy kitchen.

Energy Consumption

When running a commercial kitchen, energy consumption is a significant factor to consider, as it uses 2.5 times more energy per square foot than other types of commercial spaces. Given the increasing costs of energy and the impact of climate change, it’s more important than ever to operate a sustainable kitchen. One way to do this is by choosing ENERGY STAR-qualified appliances, which are recognized by the government as being energy-efficient.

Currently, only commercial full-size gas and half- and full-size electric convection ovens are eligible for the ENERGY STAR symbol. These ovens save energy through convection cooking technology, better insulation, and tighter door gaskets and hinges. They tend to be about 20% more energy-efficient than standard models.


When operating a small business, particularly a restaurant or mobile kitchen, the cost is a major factor to consider when purchasing equipment. It may not be necessary to invest in a high-end, large convection oven, which can be expensive. However, it is important to avoid going for the cheapest option as well, as it may not be as durable or reliable.

Instead, it is wise to invest in quality equipment from a reputable supplier who understands the needs of your business. The type of food you will be preparing, the clientele you expect to serve, and the budget are all important factors to consider when making a decision.

Frequently Used Questions

Can you bake bread in a commercial pizza oven?

Yes, you can bake bread, cookies, desserts, and cakes in a commercial pizza oven. It takes a long time to cool providing you with a great opportunity to cook these delicacies.

Is it better to bake bread in a convection or regular oven?

You can bake bread in both types of ovens. A regular oven, however, bakes nicer and moister bread compared to a convection oven. Convection ovens have settings that can make the inside of the bread dry. Therefore, you should be very careful while baking bread in a convection oven.

How hot are commercial bread ovens?

Commercial bread ovens can usually heat up to 500°F or even higher. You need such a high temperature to bake bread. Keep in mind that most domestic ovens cannot achieve this temperature.

What temperature do you bake bread?

The optimal temperature for baking bread is 190-210°F. Bake at this temperature for the loaf to have a hollow interior and golden brown color. Now remove from the pan and let the loaves cool.

Final Thoughts

Concluding, you must be very careful while choosing a commercial oven for your bakery or restaurant. Commercial ovens can be expensive and a wrong choice can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, we have come to your rescue and written this guide to help you go through all the choices and take the right decision in the end. We hope you can find the most suitable oven for your use after reading our article.

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